A Close Look at the Scion IQ -Eleven Airbags In One Little Car-

I recently stopped by Toyota  and got a close look at the Scion IQ.  The IQ is a tiny car but boasts great fuel efficiency and safety.  When I hear “Safe and Fuel Efficient”  I immediately think of advanced steels and airbag hazards.  This vehicle has both.  In this training we will take a close look at the Scion IQ and all the SRS features rescuers need to be aware of.

The first thing I noticed about the Scion is that it is equipped with eleven airbags! That is a lot of bags for one little car!  The locations include driver and passenger front, driver and passenger knee, both front seats have side bags, curtain bags on both sides, a head bag for behind the back seat and an anti-submarining bag in each of the front seats.

Above is a screenshot from Crash Recovery System. Notice the location of the eleven airbags. I have circled the inflator for the airbag that comes down behind the rear occupants head.  Below are some closeups of that bags components.  One good thing is Scion has used a SRS label for the bag.  Its hard to see, but it’s there!

(ABOVE) I have pulled down the trim to reveal the inflation cylinder (red) and the SRS label (black)
(Above) A closer look at the inflation cylinder

(Above)  Here is a picture of the bag inflated


Lets take a look at the other ten bags in the Scion

Scion utilizes another fairly unique airbag, the anti-submarining airbag is used in both front seats.  The purpose of this bag is to keep the occupants from sliding under the dash in the case of a front end collision.  Take a look at the video below.

(Below)  Take a look at the location of the anti-submarining bags in the Scion.  Notice the bag components under the seat in the third picture.

(Below)  Here are a couple pictures of the knee bags

With eleven airbags in this little car it seems even more critical that we take the proper steps to disarm the airbags.  Be sure to disconnect the 12V battery, turn off the ignition and keep your distance from any un-deployed bags.  Remember that an inlation cylinder cannot be shut down and that all interior must be pulled before cutting or crushing ANYWHERE on ANY vehicle!

Take Care & Be Safe

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