New Airbag in the 2013 Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart

Things have changed a little since  1963


Dodge is now selling the 2013 Dart and with it’s release comes a new airbag…This rear seat mounted bag is designed to deploy in a side impact and protect the rear occupants pelvic area. This is protection we have seen in many vehicles but  the location of the bag and inflation cylinder is very different in the new Dart.

The new airbag deploys from the top of the sewn seam of the lower seat cushion and deploys up approximately 10 inches.  The inflation cylinder is also located in the lower seat area, near the occupants knees.

In this Crash Recovery System screenshot we can see the location of the inflation cylinder and bag (Below)

Here is a better look at the bag from above (Below)

The location of this cylinder could create some issues when using the rear seat as a push point while attempting to move the front seat forward or ramming the roof rail.  This new bag reminds us to always reveal whats behind any area we are going to potentially cut or crush while carrying out our extrication assignments.

Remember to always follow the airbag shut down procedures:

1. Tun off the ignition

2. Disconnect the 12V battery by double cutting the terminals (cut the black/neg first)

3. Confirm 12V shutdown by checking the hazard lights (provided their is not an IDLH atmosphere)

4. Reveal around and behind any area you are going to cut or crush

4. Airbag inflation cylinders cannot be disabled and un-deployed cylinders are always a hazard