Active Body Structures

New Vehicle Technology Coming Soon!

A Swedish company that manufactures SRS components, Autoliv, recently released it’s findings on a new type of A pillar that could reduce the size of the pillar and increase rollover protection for occupants.  The new pillar is made of airtight, specially folded steel tubing that allows manufacturers to greatly reduce the size of the vehicle’s A pillar thickness to less than one inch. When the vehicle’s sensors indicate that the vehicle is going to roll over, a pyrotechnic located in the base of the pillar is triggered and the pillar is unfolded by the pressure, thus increasing it’s thickness to over three inches.

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Autoliv is not the only manufacturer working with active body structures. To reduce weight,  Mercedes Benz has also included expandable beams into the door reinforcements of their most recent safety test vehicle.  Although this technology is a ways out from hitting the streets, it does represent how quickly things have, and will, continue to change in the auto industry.

For us as rescuers, active body structures will add one more hazard to our growing number of concerns at roadway incidents.  Keep your eyes out for active body structures in the future!

Here is a video of it in action!

Here is the full report from AutolivExpandable A Pillars


Take Care & Be Safe….