– New – ERG & QRG for the Tesla Model S


Here is the new Emergency Response Guide and Quick Response Guide for the Tesla Model S. Both are downloadable below and definitely worth taking a look at.  I provided the content for the ERG and I attempted to keep everything in a language that fire / rescue personnel could understand.  I also included Model S specific information regarding stabilization and the high voltage components.  Moditech created the QRG and did a great job condensing the information for use at scene!

One thing that you will notice right away is the location of the DC / DC converter.  It’s positioned in a way that may require some modification to how we approach dash displacement on the passenger side of the vehicle.  In the training video (coming very soon) that Ron Moore and I made with Tesla, we address working around this high voltage component when dash displacement is required.  In the video we actually cut up a Model S and show step by step what to expect at scene with the Model S.

Another thing to consider, if you receive an extrication assignment at an incident involving a Model S, is that almost all of the body structure is stamped aluminum construction.  With this type of body structure, we will see a very different reaction to cutting and crushing  than we do with typical steel construction.  Aluminum does not bend or rip like steel; instead it tends to break, often causing our cuts to extend beyond the end of the cutter tips.  While pushing against aluminum, we might find that the metal doesn’t bend like steel and instead will hold form until it suddenly breaks.

Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding these documents at brock@advancedextricaion.com

Take Care & Be Safe



Model S ERG Cover