Tesla EV Safety Training Video


Ron Moore and I recently teamed up with Tesla Motors to create an EV Training Video for First Responders.  This video uses the new Tesla Model S to help explain basic electrical concepts, high voltage components, and operational considerations that rescuers should be aware of when operating around an electric vehicle.

The NFPA provided some of the graphics used in the video and the Fremont California Fire Department assisted with the hands on demonstration.  This 40 min long video does not fully prepare rescuers to operate at EV incidents, but it does nicely compliment instruction received from a qualified EV Instructor.

There are several websites that can be accessed for electric vehicle training, among which the most notable is evsafetytraining.org. This NFPA website offers a great online training program called EV Safety Training.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who might be given an extrication assignment or will be working at roadway incidents.  Advanced Extrication is also offering many EV / Hybrid response trainings.  Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with all of the courses offered.

This video can be used for personal training or, if you are an instructor, you may want to use this video in your presentations. A full HD version of the video can be downloaded here at Advanced Extrication.

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