2016-2017 Online Train the Trainer Program – Open Registration

Advanced Extrication – Instructor Training – Certification

New – Train the Trainer – Online Course!

Participants will receive an Instructor Certificate that meets the NFPA Standard


All you need is an internet connection!

This course can be viewed online with a computer, smartphone or tablet!

– This course exceeds the NFPA  standard for Operational Level – Instructor Certification

– Online interactive video training’s presented by Brock Archer and special guests instructors

– Student hands-on training Task books included for documentation of hands on training

–  Fully prepares participants to teach the latest in vehicle extrication

– Advanced Extrication keeps Instructors updated with annual instructor update courses (offered online)

–  Successful participants receive Instructor Certification

–  Course includes webcast and online training plus homework & hands-on assignments

–  Video Training’s are interactive and allow for participants to comment and ask questions

– Training videos are prerecorded so participants can take the course on their on schedules watch at their convenience. (This option still allows for Q&A)

– Subject testing throughout the course ensures completion of the program

– All participants receive access to the Advanced Extrication Instructor Database. This is an extensive collection of power point presentations, videos, pictures, manuals, and tons of classroom resources.

What is Covered:

Late Model Airbag Systems

Modern Vehicle Construction Features

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Alternatively Fueled Vehicles

Advanced Steels (Boron & More)

Highway Safety

Understanding NFPA Training and Standards

Instructor Resources

Presentation Techniques

Airbag Deployment for Demonstration

Polishing Basic Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Basic Stabilization for Late Model Vehicles

Advanced Stabilization

Documentation for Training

Legal and Liability Issues

Hydraulic Power Tool Evaluation Techniques

Maintaining Safety at Hands On Training

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions brock@advancedextrication.com

Registration Status – Currently Open!


The Online course opens for participation within one week of your registration

Participants have 5 months to complete the online program 

Participants have 1 yr to complete the task book

Registration closes from time to time in an effort to maintain a good student / instructor ratio – Registration is currently OPEN

To maintain a manageable group of participants space is limited


Course Cost – $150

Volunteer Firefighter Cost (Limited Time) – $99

Step 1. Fill Out the course Registration Form at the Bottom of this Page

Step 2. Make Payment 

 – Use this button to secure pay with a credit card



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 – Pay with a card over the phone call 828-206-0700


 If mailing payment: Make check  to Brock Archer – Mail to – P.O. Box 42 Hot Springs, NC 28743

(Be sure to fill out the Registration Form)

You can register right here! (Below)


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