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North American Heavy Rescue Symposium


Extrication Minutes – Duel Stage Airbags

Extrication Minutes – HV Inverter/Converter

Extrication Minutes – Lifting Airbags Capacities

Extrication Minutes – Dash Tie Downs

Advanced Extrication Training Program

It’s easy to bring the latest in vehicle extrication to your Firehouse. Let our staff handle the logistic with our “No Cost to the Agency Courses” Email us to book your training program – Here’s the info (Below) Host Agency Requirements Train the Trainer Course Outline

Timber Cribbing Use – By Billy Leach

UPDATED PDF – Billy Leach sent me this write up he created for timber cribbing use. I thought it would be a good share as there is lots of useful info here. Click the links below to download the PDF. You can keep this as a class handout or just learn from it yourself.  You …

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Door Removal Tips & Tricks

Here is one of our older videos but I thought it was worth another share. Polishing our basic techniques is always a good idea!      

2016-2017 Online Train the Trainer Program – Open Registration

Advanced Extrication – Instructor Training – Certification New – Train the Trainer – Online Course! Participants will receive an Instructor Certificate that meets the NFPA Standard All you need is an internet connection! This course can be viewed online with a computer, smartphone or tablet! – This course exceeds the NFPA  standard for Operational Level – Instructor …

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Ultra Capacitors – A New Hazard

Ultra Capacitors: Ultra capacitors are here and they are here to stay.  Manufacturers have been seeking ways to reduce the weight of high voltage batteries for many years, and capacitors have always been a consideration when discussing the storage of high voltage in vehicles.  Although there are currently no high voltage capacitors (for use in …

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