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Jan 04

Service / Safety-Emergency Disconnects

There are several ways to shut down the high voltage (outside of the battery) in hybrid and electric vehicles. In an article to be released next week, I will cover the various safety systems within the vehicle that “should” shut down the high voltage and thoroughly explain the various safety, emergency and service disconnects that …

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May 01

Denver, CO – Extrication – Train the Trainer – Brock Archer & Ron Moore

Vehicle Extrication Train the Trainer Presented by Brock Archer, Ron Moore and the Denver Fire Department New train the trainer program now scheduled for Denver, CO.  This course fully prepares participant to teach the latest in vehicle extrication. August 5th through the 8th – 2013  Download and print the course flyer – Vehicle Extrication Training Click the link …

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Mar 01

Tesla EV Safety Training Video

  Ron Moore and I recently teamed up with Tesla Motors to create an EV Training Video for First Responders.  This video uses the new Tesla Model S to help explain basic electrical concepts, high voltage components, and operational considerations that rescuers should be aware of when operating around an electric vehicle. The NFPA provided …

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Feb 15

The Stored Gas Inflator Cylinder; To Cut or Not to Cut – By Chris Rufert

By Chris Rufert. There are some in our industry that still believe cutting a stored gas inflation cylinder of an airbag assembly during a vehicle extrication event is a sound practice.  The question is why we would maintain this line of thinking?  So I want to try to spell out some technical and some not …

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Feb 14

– New – ERG & QRG for the Tesla Model S

  Here is the new Emergency Response Guide and Quick Response Guide for the Tesla Model S. Both are downloadable below and definitely worth taking a look at.  I provided the content for the ERG and I attempted to keep everything in a language that fire / rescue personnel could understand.  I also included Model …

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Feb 08

Active Body Structures

New Vehicle Technology Coming Soon! A Swedish company that manufactures SRS components, Autoliv, recently released it’s findings on a new type of A pillar that could reduce the size of the pillar and increase rollover protection for occupants.  The new pillar is made of airtight, specially folded steel tubing that allows manufacturers to greatly reduce …

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Dec 28

Stay Up To Date On Extrication Everything

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Dec 01

Total Sidewall Removal Video – Operational Level

Nov 29

New Airbag in the 2013 Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart Things have changed a little since  1963   Dodge is now selling the 2013 Dart and with it’s release comes a new airbag…This rear seat mounted bag is designed to deploy in a side impact and protect the rear occupants pelvic area. This is protection we have seen in many vehicles but  …

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Jul 17

Deployment Of Airbags For Training

Fuller Deployment System As Instructors, we all know how valuable it can be to deploy airbags for the participants of our classes.  This simple demonstration reveals the intensity of airbags, and helps firefighters understand the hazards that SRS can present at a motor vehicle accident.  Unfortunately, not all airbag deployment demonstrations are done safely.  In …

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