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May 09

Our Latest Article on Fire Engineering – Airbag Avoidance – Part 1

Check out our latest article on the Fire Engineering website In this writing I cover all of the locations were we may encounter airbags in North American Vehicles. This is just part one of a four part series on airbag avoidance. Look for Part 2 soon. Heres the link to the article: Airbag Avoidance – …

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Feb 15

The Stored Gas Inflator Cylinder; To Cut or Not to Cut – By Chris Rufert

By Chris Rufert. There are some in our industry that still believe cutting a stored gas inflation cylinder of an airbag assembly during a vehicle extrication event is a sound practice.  The question is why we would maintain this line of thinking?  So I want to try to spell out some technical and some not …

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Jul 17

Deployment Of Airbags For Training

Fuller Deployment System As Instructors, we all know how valuable it can be to deploy airbags for the participants of our classes.  This simple demonstration reveals the intensity of airbags, and helps firefighters understand the hazards that SRS can present at a motor vehicle accident.  Unfortunately, not all airbag deployment demonstrations are done safely.  In …

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May 20

A Close Look at the Scion IQ -Eleven Airbags In One Little Car-

I recently stopped by Toyota  and got a close look at the Scion IQ.  The IQ is a tiny car but boasts great fuel efficiency and safety.  When I hear “Safe and Fuel Efficient”  I immediately think of advanced steels and airbag hazards.  This vehicle has both.  In this training we will take a close …

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Mar 17

Airbag Inflation Cylinders Are Everywhere!

Airbag Inflation Cylinders Are Everywhere!   By now, most of us understand that cutting an airbag inflation cylinder is a bad idea.     In this training, we will cover the different locations where we may encounter inflation cylinders.  There may be a few that surprise you. But first, a few facts about Airbag Inflation …

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