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Jul 17

Deployment Of Airbags For Training

Fuller Deployment System As Instructors, we all know how valuable it can be to deploy airbags for the participants of our classes.  This simple demonstration reveals the intensity of airbags, and helps firefighters understand the hazards that SRS can present at a motor vehicle accident.  Unfortunately, not all airbag deployment demonstrations are done safely.  In …

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Jun 19

Crown Victoria Interceptor – Fire Suppression System

Crown Victoria Interceptor With A Fire Suppression System       I recently received an email from one of our east coast brothers asking about the Crown Victoria Interceptor’s fire suppression system. Realizing that I haven’t written on the subject, I thought it would be a great post. So here you go Dan, I hope this …

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May 27

Toyota Land Cruiser – 12 Airbags & Loaded with Advanced Steels –

Toyota Land Cruiser – 12 Airbags & Loaded with Advanced Steels Let’s take a look at the 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser.  This popular vehicle is equipped with 12 airbags & Advanced Steels throughout!  Although the advanced steel is not boron or DP, it is strong enough to outgun most of the older tools out there, …

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May 25

2013 Infiniti JX35 Body Structure – Advanced Steels –

Here’s a close look at the Advanced Steels and unique connections that will be found in the 2013 Infiniti JX35. (Below) The Advanced Steels are in Red.  Notice how the A pillars, roof rails, roof member, rocker, and B pillars are all advanced steels!  If appropriate tools are not used there will be very few …

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Mar 20

What do landscaping and extrication have in common?

More and more auto manufacturers are using laminated glass in the passenger windows of their vehicles.  New crash standards are a part of the reason why, but auto manufacturers are marketing it as sound-dampening, and it’s catching on fast.  The new Dodge Avenger (figure 1) is equipped with laminated glass on the driver and front …

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Mar 17

Airbag Inflation Cylinders Are Everywhere!

Airbag Inflation Cylinders Are Everywhere!   By now, most of us understand that cutting an airbag inflation cylinder is a bad idea.     In this training, we will cover the different locations where we may encounter inflation cylinders.  There may be a few that surprise you. But first, a few facts about Airbag Inflation …

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Dec 17

A Closer Look at the Dash Lift (Part 2 – Relief Cuts)

In part 1 of “A Closer Look at the Dash Lift”, we discussed the importance of maintaining A-pillar integrity to support the weight of the dash when performing a dash lift. In this training, we will cover the relief cuts that need to be made before we can lift, or jack, the dash. One of …

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Oct 11

Hydogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (Part 1 -The Basics)

There are not a tremendous amount of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the roadway.  Even so, it is still important that we understand the hazards they present.  In this training, we will cover the basics of these highly efficient vehicles. Lets start with how they work.  A hydrogen fuel cell isn’t much different than a …

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Oct 10

A Closer Look At The Dash Lift (Part 1 -The A Post)

The dash lift is one of the most challenging operations we must perform.  Proper rocker panel stabilization, complete relief cuts that direct the rip, proper spreader angle, and A post integrity all play an important role in a successful dash lift.  This post covers the importance of assuring and maintaining the integrity of the A …

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