Sacramento River – School Bus Rescue Course


Sac River Bus Class FlyerSchool Bus Extrication & Rescue Program

This two day program fully prepares participants to respond to emergency incidents involving school buses


Day 1 of 2 – Presented by Brock Archer

0900 – Introductions:

During this time Instructor Archer will introduce himself and give the participants of the program the opportunity to share their names, agency represented, and discuss past school bus rescue and extrication experiences.

1000 – Case Study:

We can learn a tremendous about about “what goes wrong” and how to correct avoid common problems by reviewing school bus incident in the past. In this segment several incidents are constructively reviewed.

1100 – Anatomy of a School Bus:

Although most busses may appear to similar, there are dramatic differences in the construction of the various school buses on the roadways. Construction of the roof, seats, sides, front end and more are all covered here. In addition, the equipment necessary to lift and stabilize a school bus will differ depending on the type of bus and the current bus load.

1230 – Lunch Break:

While at lunch participants will have the opportunity to tour several school buses that will be made available for reference.

1330 – Gaining Access:

When traditional openings are not available or if rapid removal of the occupants is required, rescuers will need to create opening in the bus. School buses present unique challenges for rescuers and proper tools and equipment are critical for efficient extrication. Instructor Archer covers the various options for creating openings and the appropriate tools for cutting and crushing.
1445 – Seat & Structure Removal:

When gaining access is not enough, rescuers may be required to remove seats from the school bus or take out large sections of the roof or sidewalls. during this module the various techniques for removing seats and structure from the school bus is covered in great detail.

1600 – School Bus / MCI:

A school bus incident can often result in a Mass Casualty Incident. During these types of incident rescuers may find their knowledge of ICS challenged. Typically the various roles that need to be filled are clear but often the responsibilities associated with these roles are not fully understood. What does the Medical or Transportation Group Supervisor or the “actually” do? And what documentation do we really need to maintain to stay effective in these various roles? These simple, yet often overlooked aspects of MCI’s are covered.

1730: Dismissal:

Day 2 of 2 – Presented By Brock Archer

0900 – 1730 – Hands On Training:

During this full day of hands on training participants will have the opportunity to preform all of the techniques discussed in class. Special attention will be given to efficient completion of the evolutions while maintaining a safe rescuer environment. Dash displacement, partial and full roof removal, side removal, expanding existing opening, lifting, stabilization and much more are covered.

Participants will receive a certificate of completing and all the training material (including the powerpoint with notes) from this course


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Course Cost $225.

Class Location: Sacramento River Fire District – 235 Market Street Colusa, CA 95932

Dates/Time: June 3 & 4, 2017 0900 – 1700 Each Day

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