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Brock Archer works with many auto manufacturers to assist them in educating the global fire service about new vehicle features and components that might be perceived as hazards to rescuers.   Brock focuses of the facts and provides simple solutions to rescuers’ concerns.

“I believe, with good communication, education, and understanding the fire service and the auto industry can have a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.  After all, we both want what is best for the occupants of the vehicle”.

Brock creates Emergency Response Guides,  presentations, videos and training curriculum specific to your vehicle(s) in a way that rescuers can understand.  Once created, these materials can be a simple and cost effective way to appease emergency responders when they are seeking training, or specific vehicle safety concerns for responders.

Auto manufacturers seeking this service must be prepared to provide specific information on the components of their vehicles. Brock has a track record of success working with the auto industry and is always seeking new opportunities to unify first responders and vehicle manufacturers.

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Brock Archer


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