South New Jersey – Heavy Rescue

Southern, NJ – Whiting Fire Company

July 19th – 22nd

This Program fully prepares participants to practice / teach the latest in Heavy Vehicle Extrication & Rescue

Participants will receive a Technician Level Cert and/or a Technician Level Instructor Certificate that exceeds NFPA Standards


The first three days of this course are spent studying heavy and technician level rescue and extrication. MCI, School bus, heavy equipment, tractor trailer and more are covered in this 30 hr course.



Whiting Fire Company Station 33 – 120 Lacey Rd. Whiting, NJ 08759

Program Outline

Day 1 & 2 of 4 – Presented By Brock Archer

July 19th & 20th – 1730hrs to 2100hrs

Orientation: Introductions, etc

Vehicle Construction: In this segment instructor Archer covers vehicle construction features unique to tractor trailers, cement trucks, box trucks and other large vehicles. Body structure, and frame construction are covered in detail.

Advanced stabilization: This segment covers the various stabilization tools and equipment relevant to heavy rescue and advanced vehicle rescue. Marring, stabilizing and lifting with airbags, struts and cribbing are all covered. NFPA standards for technician level stabilization are a focus during this module.

Lifting techniques for heavy rescues: Lifting with struts, airbags and other equipment is covered in this section. With an emphasis on predicting load movement and chasing this is one of the most important portions of the course.

Working with heavy wreckers: Working with heavy wreckers /rotators is an important part of many heavy rescue assignments. In this module Instructor Archer will discuss the in’s & outs and the do’s and don’ts of this cooperative effort.

Advanced Techniques: Instructor Archer will cover Dash Displacement Alternatives, Vehicles Roof and Side resting, stacked vehicles, under-rides, advanced side Impact, and other various other probable advanced scenarios. Working with pinned and hard to reach vehicles is also covered in this module.

Mass Causality incidents: School and touring bus incident can create unique challenges for rescuers. In this segment instructor Archer will cover triage, and mitigation of MCI’s. During this module scenario based training will be used to exercise realistic incident management and assignment execution.

Day 3 & 4 of 4 – Presented By Brock Archer

July 21st & 22nd – 0900 to 1700

Hands on Extrication: During these two full days of hands on, participants will have plenty of time to practice all of the evolutions discussed in class. Large vehicles such as tractor trailers, cement & dump trucks, and passenger cars in advanced scenarios will be available. Heavy lifting and other technician level skills will be practiced. Instructors are also encouraged to try any new ideas or evolutions. During this segment of the training, participants will use the latest in hydraulic tools, stabilization equipment, and hand tools.

All participants will take home multiple class handouts, and a link to a file containing all of Instructor Archer’s presentations and notes, including videos, pictures and Power-Points to be used in the participants’ department training’s. Although pictures from the training will be made available, attendants are also encouraged to bring a video and/or still camera to the hands on portion of the class to gather media for their training’s.

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Cost – $325 Includes all 4 Days of Training

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