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The Stored Gas Inflator Cylinder; To Cut or Not to Cut – By Chris Rufert

By Chris Rufert. There are some in our industry that still believe cutting a stored gas inflation cylinder of an airbag assembly during a vehicle extrication event is a sound practice.  The question is why we would maintain this line of thinking?  So I want to try to spell out some technical and some not …

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– New – ERG & QRG for the Tesla Model S

  Here is the new Emergency Response Guide and Quick Response Guide for the Tesla Model S. Both are downloadable below and definitely worth taking a look at.  I provided the content for the ERG and I attempted to keep everything in a language that fire / rescue personnel could understand.  I also included Model …

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Airbag Gas Inflators In The Roof

Check out the roof airbag gas inflator locations on this 2009 Nissan 350 Z. This isn’t the only vehicle out there with inflators in this area. We are getting better at pulling interior trim to locate hazards in the pillars and roof rails but what about in the roof? One of the roof removal work …

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