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Jan 24

B Post Lay Down – Assistant Chief Randall Wells

Denver Colorado, Assistant Chief Randall Wells presents another great video. This time he is covering an effective option for the B Post Lay Down. Also, look for Chief wells in our (soon to be released) Tesla Model X training video.

Train the Trainer Program – Offered Everywhere !

Advanced Extrication Instructor Training New – 40 hr. Train the Trainer – Video Webcast Course! Brock Archer shares all in this complete training! All you need is an internet connection!   – This course exceeds the NFPA  standard for Advanced Extrication Certification – Online interactive video training’s presented by Brock Archer and special guests – …

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Feb 15

The Stored Gas Inflator Cylinder; To Cut or Not to Cut – By Chris Rufert

By Chris Rufert. There are some in our industry that still believe cutting a stored gas inflation cylinder of an airbag assembly during a vehicle extrication event is a sound practice.  The question is why we would maintain this line of thinking?  So I want to try to spell out some technical and some not …

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Mar 20

What do landscaping and extrication have in common?

More and more auto manufacturers are using laminated glass in the passenger windows of their vehicles.  New crash standards are a part of the reason why, but auto manufacturers are marketing it as sound-dampening, and it’s catching on fast.  The new Dodge Avenger (figure 1) is equipped with laminated glass on the driver and front …

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Dec 17

A Closer Look at the Dash Lift (Part 2 – Relief Cuts)

In part 1 of “A Closer Look at the Dash Lift”, we discussed the importance of maintaining A-pillar integrity to support the weight of the dash when performing a dash lift. In this training, we will cover the relief cuts that need to be made before we can lift, or jack, the dash. One of …

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Nov 02

Changing Locations Of Side Curtain (Head) Airbag Cylinders

Take a close look at the picture below…notice anything odd? The side curtain (head) airbag inflation cylinder is in different locations in the roof rail on each side.  Thanks to the new Hyundai Veloster, you can no longer pull the trim off one side of the roof rail to reveal what’s behind it, and count …

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Oct 11

Hydogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (Part 1 -The Basics)

There are not a tremendous amount of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the roadway.  Even so, it is still important that we understand the hazards they present.  In this training, we will cover the basics of these highly efficient vehicles. Lets start with how they work.  A hydrogen fuel cell isn’t much different than a …

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Oct 10

A Closer Look At The Dash Lift (Part 1 -The A Post)

The dash lift is one of the most challenging operations we must perform.  Proper rocker panel stabilization, complete relief cuts that direct the rip, proper spreader angle, and A post integrity all play an important role in a successful dash lift.  This post covers the importance of assuring and maintaining the integrity of the A …

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