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Airbag Gas Inflators In The Roof

Check out the roof airbag gas inflator locations on this 2009 Nissan 350 Z. This isn’t the only vehicle out there with inflators in this area. We are getting better at pulling interior trim to locate hazards in the pillars and roof rails but what about in the roof? One of the roof removal work …

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Door Mounted Curtain Airbag

Moditech Rescue Solutions just posted some info on door mounted curtain airbags on Facebook.  Here is a little more info.  Take a look at the pictures below. The first one is a pic of behind the door trim of a Mercedes-Benz SLK.  The second picture is a screenshot from Crash Recovery System of the same …

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Changing Locations Of Side Curtain (Head) Airbag Cylinders

Take a close look at the picture below…notice anything odd? The side curtain (head) airbag inflation cylinder is in different locations in the roof rail on each side.  Thanks to the new Hyundai Veloster, you can no longer pull the trim off one side of the roof rail to reveal what’s behind it, and count …

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