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Nov 18

Ultra Capacitors – A New Hazard

Ultra Capacitors: Ultra capacitors are here and they are here to stay.  Manufacturers have been seeking ways to reduce the weight of high voltage batteries for many years, and capacitors have always been a consideration when discussing the storage of high voltage in vehicles.  Although there are currently no high voltage capacitors (for use in …

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Feb 14

– New – ERG & QRG for the Tesla Model S

  Here is the new Emergency Response Guide and Quick Response Guide for the Tesla Model S. Both are downloadable below and definitely worth taking a look at.  I provided the content for the ERG and I attempted to keep everything in a language that fire / rescue personnel could understand.  I also included Model …

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Feb 08

Active Body Structures

New Vehicle Technology Coming Soon! A Swedish company that manufactures SRS components, Autoliv, recently released it’s findings on a new type of A pillar that could reduce the size of the pillar and increase rollover protection for occupants.  The new pillar is made of airtight, specially folded steel tubing that allows manufacturers to greatly reduce …

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Nov 29

New Airbag in the 2013 Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart Things have changed a little since  1963   Dodge is now selling the 2013 Dart and with it’s release comes a new airbag…This rear seat mounted bag is designed to deploy in a side impact and protect the rear occupants pelvic area. This is protection we have seen in many vehicles but  …

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May 20

A Close Look at the Scion IQ -Eleven Airbags In One Little Car-

I recently stopped by Toyota  and got a close look at the Scion IQ.  The IQ is a tiny car but boasts great fuel efficiency and safety.  When I hear “Safe and Fuel Efficient”  I immediately think of advanced steels and airbag hazards.  This vehicle has both.  In this training we will take a close …

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May 17

New Center Airbag Is Almost Here!

The new 2013 Buick Enclave is just about to hit the streets equipped with the new center airbag. The new center airbag is an industry first but expect to see more manufacturers using this bag in the near future.  We now have another location to check for “loaded” bags and another area to “keep your …

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May 12

New Roof Airbag?

Here’s a quick look at an airbag that we could be seeing in the near future. The TRW airbag is roof mounted and replaces the driver and passenger front bags. This thing is the infation cylinder type and requires a very large cylinder.   Since Mercedes-Benz introduced the frontal airbag as an option on its …

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Feb 25

Airbag Gas Inflators In The Roof

Check out the roof airbag gas inflator locations on this 2009 Nissan 350 Z. This isn’t the only vehicle out there with inflators in this area. We are getting better at pulling interior trim to locate hazards in the pillars and roof rails but what about in the roof? One of the roof removal work …

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Nov 15

Door Mounted Curtain Airbag

Moditech Rescue Solutions just posted some info on door mounted curtain airbags on Facebook.  Here is a little more info.  Take a look at the pictures below. The first one is a pic of behind the door trim of a Mercedes-Benz SLK.  The second picture is a screenshot from Crash Recovery System of the same …

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Nov 02

Changing Locations Of Side Curtain (Head) Airbag Cylinders

Take a close look at the picture below…notice anything odd? The side curtain (head) airbag inflation cylinder is in different locations in the roof rail on each side.  Thanks to the new Hyundai Veloster, you can no longer pull the trim off one side of the roof rail to reveal what’s behind it, and count …

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